Kit Mix Pastry cream (3 x 1 kg)

Kit Mix Pastry cream (3 x 1 kg) View full size

Kit Mix Pastry cream (3 x 1 kg)

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100% fresh and natural vanilla, chocolate and moka pastry cream!

  • •     ready to use
  • •     gluten-free

The Kit Mix Pastry cream contains (3 x 1 kg): 1 kg vanilla pastry cream, 1 kg chocolate pastry cream,
1 kg moka pastry cream

Shelflife (store in a cool place, max 4 ° C): 14 days / once open, to be used within 3 days

True regional products, without preservatives, produced in Mont-s-Lausanne with fresh and mainly regional products: Base pastry cream: milk (CH), cream (CH), egg yolks from outdoor hens (CH), sugar (CH), starch and Bourbon vanilla.

Usage tips :
Our pastry cream is used like a traditional pastry cream, cooled after cooking. 
Here are a few tips:

  • To make it creamy and prepare for immediate use, thoroughly knead the bag before opening
  • To use it with supplements: aroma, whipped cream, etc ..., work with whip and spatula
  • Our bags adapt easily to piping bags with sockets, you simply have to adapt the opening to the diameter of the chosen socket.