Traditional braised lamb (souris d’agneau), 400 g

Traditional braised lamb (souris d’agneau), 400 g View full size

Traditional braised lamb (souris d’agneau), 400 g

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Homemade preparation by our chef. 100% natural dish made from lamb (CH/IR) as well as red wine, aromatic herbs and Swiss vegetables. This is a real brasserie dish marinated and cooked for over 4 hours at a low temperature. We recommend trying it with a gratin dauphinois, pasta or according to your taste.  A real delight !

Made in Switzerland by LFB SA in Mont-s-Lausanne

Ingredients: lamb 78% and its gravy (red wine (contains SULPHITES), carrots, onion, garlic, corn starch, aromatic herbs, salt, pepper).

Packaging: In a protective atmosphere. Vacuum bag.
Net weight: 1 kilo (approx. 3 pieces)

Storage: cool (max 5 ° C). Shelf life 7 days.
Preparation: Product ready to be heated.

In a water bath: immerse the bag in a saucepan filled with water at 80/90 ° and cover it. Let heat for 20 minutes and serve.
In the microwave: unpack the leg of lamb and juice, place on a plate, cover with a bell and place in the microwave. Regenerate for about 6 minutes at 600 W * and serve.
In a preheated oven: (rotating heat 150 ° C, conventional oven 160 ° C) Unpack the leg of lamb and juice, place the preparation on a plate or a suitable container, cover with aluminum foil, place on a wire rack halfway up for approx. 20 minutes * and serve.

* Cooking times are average and should be adapted to your equipment.