Freshoranges is a trademark of LFB – Le Futur Bio SA

Freshoranges is specialized in fresh and
100% natural products :

- Freshly squeezed juices
- Fresh fruit salads
- Yogurt with fresh fruits and crisp
- Take away, Royalwrap, bagels, salads and vegetables, etc...

Our products are manufactured on a daily basis in our production facility in Mont-sur-Lausanne using traditional methods. Fruits and vegetables are cut by hand and the juice production is carried out in a conventional and respectful way. Our products are prepared and conditioned without any chemical process and their shelf life varies between 5 and 10 days after date of delivery.

Our company is a member of SWISS LABEL and the the complete production
and preparation processes are 100 % Swiss. The SWISS LABEL trademark underscores the origin and quality awareness of buyers and consumers who purchase goods and services of Swiss origin.

Innovation at the service of our customers
Innovating packaging and packaging methods, allow us to offer our customers the possibility of getting most of our products with "Private Label " packing in reasonable minimum quantities.

The choice of  raw materials
We strive to maintain the best eco balance, when the season allows us to do so, by focusing our purchase of raw marterials on Swiss and European producers. The quality and availability of our raw materials are ensured through close collaboration with an exclusive network of partners and producers that are driven by ethical values which could be defined in a few words ; Respect of products, people and environment!

These standards are true garantees of quality for our current and future customers as well as partners.